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Thai-Danish Dairy Farm

Touring with scenic bus Fresh air and experiencing new experiences as well as learn about “Dairy farming career” with tourism activities to dairy farms in Thailand – Denmark.


Another good atmosphere of Muak Lek. It is Located in the mountains and rich forests surrounded by nature, the atmosphere is tranquil and peaceful. There are many fun activities. There are golf courses, swimming pools, spas and bicycles around the property with a fine dining option.

Suwan Farm

Souvenirs shopping center at the main road along the main road at 155-156 km inbound Bangkok. Rai Suwan is a unit of Kasetsart University which research and development of maize, sorghum and upland crops. There are academic services and technology transfer crop production. Tourists often know the Suwan store to buy souvenirs, especially sweet corn and corn milk.

Chet Sao Noi Waterfall

Chet Sao Noi Waterfall National Park has the most of area fully with complex mountain and
alternating with flat ground. General forest is a forest and natural rejuvenated forest. Some areas
are in the forest area behind the Tha-ra-had hill at Saraburi and the area is under the reforestation
project in honor of His Majesty the King on the 50th anniversary of his reign.

Chokechai farm

Dairy farm with modern management and the largest farm of ASEAN. It opens for visitors to see the
beauty of nature and Western-style rural cowboy lifestyle. Over 200 acres of wilderness with
agricultural activities, flowers, ATV, soft steaks and delicious ice cream.

Rai Kusuma

A large resort has a rest in a waterfall atmosphere with cool water throughout the year. There are
adventure activities to choose by difficulty level and the age of the activist. There are 7 activities to
choose from ropewalker and the 5 of adventure activity amidst the beautiful nature in the wild.

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